What to do if your money disappeared after a bonus on a slot?


Casino Streamer
Oct 15, 2019
We all saw on one of my last stream that I’ve got a bug on Pirate Kingdom Megaways. Slot just stuck in the middle of free spins, I refresh it. However, no money credited to my account and that was a huge almost 3000 EURO win. Things like this can happen with any slot provider and you shouldn’t panic in such situations and just follow a small instruction that I have for you.

  • Don’t play more, don’t do even one more spin. To make sure you won’t mess your bets history.
  • Take a screenshot of the slot.
  • Then open history of games on this slot and take a screenshot.
  • Open history of your game session in the profile and take a screenshot there as well
  • Now contact live chat support and describe your problem
  • Usually, a chat will gather all the information from you, all screenshots and send it to tech stuff. Then you just wait and get your money back in a short time.
In my situation, Malina casino solved everything in 4 hours and I’ve got my money back. That’s why I play there a lot, I trust them. I have a Malina casino review you can read a special bonus you can get.

I will attach some of the screen shots I did.

P.S. On Elk slots sometimes you big wins credited in like 3-5 minutes after, it’s a known bug, and I hope they fix it soon.
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